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    ACT Office in AdeleACT-Pro is a locally owned Property Maintenance Company, offering a wide range of services to residential properties on Crete  in order to meet your needs and expectations.
    Our company is fully registered with the Greek Chamber of Commerce

    After many years of experience in the area of property maintenance and After Sales Services, our most important task is to provide you with professional and trustworthy services, for you to feel confident that your property is well looked after, even in your absence.

    Our team consists of reliable and competent staff who speak both the local and several European and Scandinavian languages.

    With good knowledge of life on Crete, we ensure full support and assistance to make you feel secure in all aspects of your life here.

    Welcome to visit our office when you are in these parts. We have a small library where you can feel free to borrow a good book – in many languages!
    Or why not do as the Cretans; sit down with us with a cup of coffee or something cold to drink. Meanwhile, surf on the net, or maybe get some good tips and advice on tours, taverns, and other exciting happenings on our beautiful island. We are happy to help you with information so that your stay will be even more eventful! Here you are always welcome!

    For more information please contact us:  info@act-pro.gr