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Real Estate/Rental Assistance


Do you dream of buying a house in Crete? A special, wonderful place to come to on your holiday, where you can invite your family and friends, and maybe later in life to stay for longer times?  Maybe you already have an apartment here, but want to buy land and build your own house?

Finding your dream house or land to build is easy. Difficult it is to find someone who can assist you further. Someone you can trust, who has knowledge, and above all, work with professional craftsmen and construction companies.

Our team has extensive experience in real estate and construction, and we have close and good cooperation with skilled professionals who have worked in industry for many years. We acquire companies that provide guarantee on everything you buy, and we follow up and stand by your side if anything were to happen.

Why not give yourself and you’re a ”taste” of how it is to live in Crete by renting a house or apartment for shorter or longer time. Here you will find what you want, fully equipped for an unforgettable stay.
We can also arrange rentals for short periods for those who want a different and more personal vacation.

Please contact us for more information on: info@act-pro.gr