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Tel.: +30 28310 53189
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Our services

In addition to our wide range of services, all customers of ACT-Pro have access to our 24 hour emergency phone.  We know that in such situations it is important for you to be able to communicate in your own language

  • Pay bill service
    Collect and arrange payment of all incoming bills.
    Each client has a confidential file at ACT were all the invoices are saved,
    The transactions will also be reported on a monthly statement sent to you by e-mail.
  • Insurance Arrangements
    In cooperation with a trustworthy insurance company we can give you a quote
    and the content of the covers, for your property, car, and health insurance.

  • Tax declaration
    Inform you of when the due date is for your yearly tax declaration.
    Arrange to collect all the necessary documents and deliver them to the tax authorities.
    Feedback by e-mail if there is any tax returns or payments.
  • House inspections
    During your absence or, during non-rental periods, we do a thorough inspection of your Property.
    Any untoward findings will be photographed and sent to you by e-mail
  • Service of private pools
    Give a quote depending on your wish. Maintenance of the pool, analyze of PH and chlorine levels,
    cleaning of filters and the correct operation of the pumps.
  • Rental assistant
    If you are using your property for rent, we can be of great help in organizing: cleaning,
    key holding, transfer, welcome packages etc.
  • Cleaning and laundry Service
  • Modification works
    Arrange and give a quote on desired extra works.
    Follow up on the suppliers and craftsmen, and give feedback by e-mail when work is performed.
  • Repair works
    Give a quote on repair works, follow up and feedback by e-mail.
  • Phone and Internet connections
    We can make the application for you, and get the technician for the installation of the router if needed.
  • TV and Parabolic installations
  • Furnishing
    If you need help with finding the right shops, or want our help to furnish your house,
    we can offer you a full package with all the equipment you need.

  • Gardener
    In co operation with a reliable local gardener quote and give the service required.

If you have any other needs or wishes please contact us: info@act-pro.gr